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Important Changes to Google Docs

posted Oct 17, 2012, 11:11 AM by Kay Schmalen
Google Docs has undergone some significant changes in the past couple of months, one of which is it now called Google Drive.  This upgrade process has been going on for months. Google hasn’t forced this upgrade on all users yet, but has allowed users to choose it. However, there will soon come a time when all users will be upgraded.  If you have the option to upgrade, I would suggest that you to do, to provide everyone with a consistent language when talking about their Google Docs (I mean Drive!). Here's a look at some of the changes: 1.  Your Google Drive can now store all file types.  Each user gets 5GB of storage. You can upload any type of file (images, videos, PDFs, etc) into your Google Drive. It’s a virtual flash drive, your file cabinet in the clouds. 2.  Collections are now called Folders.  You can sort almost any view to list the folder first by selecting sort by title. 3.  You can view files in a Grid or thumbnail view.  Google Drive generates thumbnails for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos and PDF files, while showing standard icons for other file types. 4.  The left navigation has new views, e.g. My Drive, Shared with me, and Activity
  • My Drive: Automatically includes everything you’ve created, uploaded, or moved here.
  • Shared with me: Files and folders that others have shared with you in the order that they were last modified. You can move items from this area to My Drive by selecting them and then clicking the Add to My Drive button that appears in the menu across the top. If you want to be able to add files to a shared folder owned by someone else, you will need to addthe folder to your My Drive.  (Do not move individual items out of shared folder to your drive, it will be removed from the folder for everyone!)
If you don’t add this shared folder to your My Drive, when you attempt to place a file in this folder, you won’t see the folder listed as an option.
  • Starred: Files and folders that you’ve deemed as star-worthy.
  • Activity: Everything in your Google Drive in the order it was last updated by ANYONE. Activity is the old Home.
  • Recently opened: Everything that YOU have recently viewed or worked on in the order it was last updated.
5.  Upload settings: When you upgrade to Google Drive, the upload settings changed to the default setting of not converting files to a Google Docs format.  If you don't convert the file, it is strictly a view only file.  You can edit your Upload Settings to automatically convert all uploaded files, or set it to ask what to do before each upload. If you convert a file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) to the Google Docs format, you will be able to edit the fileusing Google Docs. Not all files can be converted to a Google Docs format, ie video and image files.   If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to contact one of the Google trainers or leave a comment on this post. Kay Schmalen (kschmalen@aea267.k12.ia,us) Clair Judas ( Jon Kruse ( Dave Schaefer ( Brian Unruh (