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Hey...I'm looking to purchase Chromebooks for my school!

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Recorded Hangout on Air session about the launch of the new Samsung Chromebook ($249 device + $30 management console).

Chromebooks for Education Management Console Tools (and tips)

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In case you were looking for the presentation:
If you have any questions you can click the "Contact Us" button on the website and fill out the short form. Someone from the Chromebooks for Edu team will email or phone you back.

Here are a few resources we've found helpful thus far:
How to print from a Chromebook?

        Take a look at (with a nice video overview) Google's Cloud Print.
        More instruction about Google Cloud Print can be found HERE at Google's support page.
        Alternatives to Google Cloud Print?  Check out Steegle for some ideas (scroll down when you get there for the printing reference).