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4-View and Manage Responses

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Once you’ve created your form and sent it to recipients, you’re able to view the responses you’ve received in three different ways: as a summary of responses, in a separate spreadsheet, or as a downloaded CSV. If you’d like a broad overview of how your group of respondents answered each question, viewing the summary is the way to go. If you’d prefer a fine-grained perspective on all the data you’ve collected with your form, you’ll likely want to view the responses in a spreadsheet or download a CSV with response data.

View the summary of responses

To quickly see how many users filled out a form and what their responses are, you can check out the response summary. From your form, click the Responses menu and select Summary of responses.

If you'd like respondents to be able to see this same summary of responses, check the box in the "Confirmation page" section of your form labeled Publish and show a link to the results of this form. When this box is checked, users who respond to your form will see a “See previous results” link, which they can click to view the response summary.

View form responses in a spreadsheet

To see a spreadsheet with responses to your form, click the View responses button in the toolbar. Learn more about storing responses in a spreadsheet.

Download responses as a CSV

To download all the responses your form has received, click the File menu, select Download as, and click Comma Separated Values.

Monitor for multiple submissions

As you're reviewing responses to your form, keep in mind that you can't prevent users from submitting a form more than once, so the same person may have submitted multiple responses. If you use Google Apps, you can choose to record the email addresses of people who fill out your form and then easily identify any duplicate responses.

Stop collecting form responses

To close your form to new responses, click the Responses menu and uncheck Accepting Responses. If you’d like to re-open your form to responses again later, you can re-check this box.

Copy a form or spreadsheet

You can copy any form or spreadsheet by clicking the File menu and selecting Make a copy. Copying a form will copy only the questions and layout, not the responses you’ve already received. Copying a spreadsheet will copy only the responses it's received, not the adjoining form