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2-Creating and Sharing Documents

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Individuals at school

With Google Apps Education Edition, you will always be able to share a document with others at your school who have a Google Apps account.

When you share with an individual you can select what level of access (view or edit) each person has.

For example, you can share a syllabus document with another teacher and give them edit access to make changes. You can then also share the document with your students, giving them only view access where they are unable to make changes.

Here's how to add specific editors and viewers:

  1. Open the doc you want to share.
  2. Click Share in the upper-right corner of the doc.

  3. At the bottom of the Sharing settings window, under 'Add people,' type the email addresses of the people you want to share with. You can add a single person, multiple people, or even choose from a list of your contacts.

  4. To the right of the list of names, choose 'Can edit', ‘Can comment’ or 'Can view' from the drop-down.

  5. Two quick options to consider (to share with default settings, feel free to skip this note):
  • By default, people who can edit your doc will also be able to share it with additional people. You can remove that ability by clicking Change next to 'Editors will be allowed to add people...' before you click Share.

  • By default, everyone you share a doc with will get an invitation email. If you'd rather not notify them, un-check the 'Send email notifications' box. They'll have access the next time they sign in.

  1. Click Share.

When you share the document with an individual directly, they will notice the document appear in their Google Docs doclist with the document name bolded.

 If you selected to have an email notification sent, the individual will receive an email message with a link to the shared document:

Everyone at school

If you have a document that you would like everyone at your school to be able to view, you can select it to be available to everyone in your school Apps domain.

To do this, you can change your document visibility settings to the option:

  1. People at your organization with the link: With this setting, your document will be accessible to anyone within your school domain who knows the URL of the file. If you also select the ‘Allow anyone to edit’ option, anyone with the URL will be able to view and edit your file. This option allows you to easily copy and paste the file’s link into chat, email and calendar invites. You would then have to make sure all at your school had access to this link (either on a website or sent via email) for them to be aware of the document. This document will not automatically appear in everyone’s doclist, it will only appear if they have opened the document.
  2. People at your organization can find and access: With this setting, your document will be indexed by Google Docs search within your domain and may be opened by anyone in your school Apps domain. This means that if someone was searching Google Docs your document could show up as a result. However, the document will not automatically appear in their doclist until they have opened the document.

In both of these options, you will need to share the link with your school for them to be able to access the document – it will not automatically appear in their doclist.

The sharing limitation for viewing the document does not apply with visibility settings, however, the limitation for editing a document still applies. Only 50 people can be editing a document at any given time. However, if you gave your school domain only View access, then you shouldn’t run into this problem.

Share Docs outside your school

To share docs with individuals or groups without a school Apps account, your domain administrator have the setting enabled to allow sharing outside your school domain. Review how to change service settings ».

If your domain administrator has enabled the setting to share outside the domain, then you will be able to share just as you would with any other individual or group.  Review sharing with individuals » and groups ».

You may see a warning if your domain administrator has selected this to appear:

If your domain administrator does not allow you to share outside your school Apps domain, you will see an error message if you enter in an email address that is not associated with your domain.