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Setting up Google Hangouts

1. You must first go to Google+ to find Hangouts. Google+ can be found via this link: or after signing into your Google account, locate the black bar across the top of your browser screen. Your name will be at the top with a + next to it.

Click on the Hangouts Button  in the left column.

Starting a Hangout
a. Click on the Start a Google Hangout Button:
b. Click on the X next to Your circles and enter the names (Google Account Names) of those you want to join your hangout.

NOTE: If you have created Circles and have the names in a circle, you can use the drop-down to pick that Circle.

c. Enter the name of your Hangout (NW Sector)

d. Now click the Hangout button

Joining a Hangout
After you have made arrangements when you do a hangout, go to Google+ and click on Hangouts

Two things should happen when the person starts the hangout you’ll join.

  1. A notification button near the top right by your name will show at least a 1. 
    You can click on this button to join the hangout.
  2. A popup window will appear asking if you want to join the hangout.

Either way will let you join the Hangout.

Troubleshooting Problems

If you are having troubles hearing others, or they are having trouble hearing you...

Go to the Settings Icon (Gears)

  • Using the drop-down choices microphone and sound, change from Default to Built-in Microphone/Speakers.  If you are using Headphone/Microphone set, change settings to that set.
  • Remember to click “Save Settings” and see if it is working.

NOTE:  All friends in the Hangout may have to change their settings, so everyone can hear everyone else.

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