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Guide To Page Types

When creating a new page, Google has pre-made page templates. These templates can be very useful in organizing your site and providing your viewers with some useful features.

The 4 types are Web Page, Announcement Page, File Cabinet Page and a List Page.

Web Page

A web page is the simplest kind of page; you can write content, embed gadgets, and arrange it however you like. The web page has standard formatting controls like bolditalic, and underline, bullets, and more. You can attach documents from your hard drive to the bottom of the page, and you can let other site collaborators comment on your pages. Google Sites periodically saves versions of your page as you make edits, so it's easy to go back to earlier versions of the page to make comparisons or undo changes.

Announcement Page

Much like a blog, announcement pages display posts you make to the page in chronological order, starting with the most recent. For example, an announcement page would be great for keeping a record of weekly meeting notes, while providing quick access to the most recent meeting info.


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File Cabinet

File cabinet pages let you store and organize files from your computer's hard drive, making it an easy way to share files with other users of your site. Anyone subscribed to the page will be notified when files are added, changed, or removed.

File Cabinet Style Example

Tobacco Google Sites Playland (I have no idea why it is called Tobacco Google Sites Playland :-)

List Page

List pages let you make and organize lists of information. Items on the list are easy to add, edit, and remove, and viewers of the list can sort it by any column. Like the file cabinet page, subscribers are notified when items are added, changed, or removed.

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