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3-Creating a Template

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Creating a template is no different from creating a regular document. You may want to keep the information anonymous or unidentifiable, since it will be available to your domain (or the world, depending on how you choose to submit the template). Including instructions can be helpful for those who use the template, to provide cues for how the document flows or is formatted. 

Please note: When someone uses your template, they are creating a copy of the document into their own Docs account. If you make changes later, they will not see those changes since they already made the copy

Submit a template for your school domain

Once you have created the document you wish to use as a template, you can submit it to the template gallery for your school domain.

Please note: You cannot submit a template for public use with your school Apps account. If you'd like to submit a template to the public gallery, first sign in to your personal Google Account.

You can submit your template either from the main template gallery page or from your Docs list.

To submit a template from the template gallery page, follow these steps:

Go to your Docs list home (http://docs.google.com/a/myschool.org where myschool.org is your school Apps domain)
Click the Create link and select From Template... to access your school Apps domain template gallery. You should be in the tab labeled “My School Templates” - where My School is the name of your Apps domain.

Click Submit a template on the top right of the templates main page.

Click Choose from your Google Docs and select the document from your Google Docs that you'd like to submit as a template.
Click Select.
Enter a short description, pick one or two categories for the template, and select a language. Click Submit template.

To submit a template from your Docs list, follow these steps:

Go to your Docs list home (http://docs.google.com/a/myschool.org where myschool.org is your school Apps domain)
To do this, select the document in your doc list by clicking on it, then select More then Submit to template gallery.

This will take you to the submission page where you can enter a short description, pick one or two categories, and select a language.
If you wish to change the document you are submitting, you can click the Choose a different item link near the top of the page.
Click Submit template.

Your submitted template will appear within your domain tab and the My Templates tab.

Note that it may take up to several minutes for the template to appear.

Please note: When you submit a template to the gallery within your domain, the name on your Google Apps account should be displayed.