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4-Update or remove a template

You can make changes or remove templates you have submitted to your school Docs template gallery at any time.

Please note: If you make changes to your template, those that have already used your template will not see those changes, only those that use the template after you have made the modifications.

To delete or edit a template that you've submitted to your domain template gallery, follow these steps:

Go to your Docs list home (http://docs.google.com/a/myschool.org where myschool.org is your school Apps domain)
Click the Create link and select From Template... to access your school Apps domain template gallery. You should be in the tab labeled “My School Templates” - where My School is the name of your Apps domain.

Now click on the My Templates tab.

To edit a template, click the Edit details link to the right of 'Owner options' and make your edits. You can also change the content of your template by clicking Edit this document. Once you make changes to the actual document, save and close it to return to the Edit menu. Your changes will appear within the template in the gallery.

To delete a particular template, click the Remove from gallery link to the right of 'Owner options,' and then you'll be able to remove the template from the gallery.
After you delete a template, no user can preview or use the template. However, those that have already copied the template to their own Docs account will still have access to those documents.